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Design contract for the municipal district heating system of Mykolaiv, Ukraine

Egis and the Municipal District Heating Company of the City of Mykolaiv signed in December 2016 a contract for preparation of preliminary design and bidding documents for reconstruction of 32 boiler houses and 4 central heat substations of the municipal district heating system.

Date : December 2016
Client: Municipal District Heating Company of the City of Mykolaiv
Funding: World Bank

Project overview

The project is part of the World Bank Program UHDEEP (Ukraine District Heating Energy Efficiency Project) which aims at improving the energy efficiency and quality of service of selected Ukrainian District Heating companies, enhancing their financial viability and decreasing their CO2 emissions.

The project will contribute to the modernization of the district heating system of Mykolaiv which suffered a lack of investment during the past years, as in many other cities of Ukraine. Due to the recent increase of the gas tariffs in Ukraine, this project is also strategic in order to ensure energy savings and increase the efficiency of the municipal heat distribution.

Our missions

Egis will fulfil the following missions:

  • Preparation (drafting) of design documents for the reconstruction of 32 boiler houses, with consideration for the complexity degree of every facility.
  • Preparation of design documents (at the technical-and-economic estimates stage) for the reconstruction of 4 central heat substations.
  • Preparation of bidding documents for further selection of the Contractor for the reconstruction of 32 boiler houses and 4 central heat substations.

After the implementation of technical assistance contracts to the municipal district heating companies of Lviv (2014-2018), and Lutsk (2016-2018), the assignment in Mykolaiv is the third contract of Egis in the district heating sector in Ukraine. It demonstrates the experience of the Group and its experts for provision of technical services to the Ukrainian municipalities for the modernization of their facilities.