Nuclear industry central to our business

Egis has been a major player in the nuclear industry for over 60 years. Egis participated in the design of the first French nuclear reactor Zoé, in 1947.

In 1970, Egis conducted civil engineering studies for the first French nuclear plant, in Fessenheim. From this time onwards Egis has worked on the design of all French nuclear power plants.

The nuclear sector is closely linked to scientific research. At Egis, our experts conduct numerous upstream studies on research reactors and experimental reactors, as well as downstream analyses on fuel processing plants and waste storage centres.

In EPR planning (third-generation nuclear power plants) our teams have been active from the very beginning, and are participating in the development of the first four plants in the world, currently under construction in Finland, France and China (2 units).

Complete expertise in nuclear engineering

Our teams carry out all tasks related to structural engineering and finishings, from design to works supervision, incorporating comprehensive project management.

Egis has developed and implemented effective structural analysis and calculation methods, in accordance with new regulations (Eurocodes, ETC-C) relayed by next-generation 3D design and engineering software (ANSYS, PDMS) along with specific in-house developments.

Expert risk management

With their experience in the seismic design of nuclear buildings, Egis experts contribute to establishing standards and developing appropriate tools. They perform structure diagnosis and assessments, and suggest preventive measures: their analysis for seismic isolation of the ITER Tokamak block at Cadarache was key in the site implementation decision.

Egis improves safety at French nuclear plants

In October 2012, EDF the world's largest nuclear power generator entrusted a group of engineering companies, led by Egis, with the design and works supervision for buildings of a new kind: Local Crisis Centres. These reinforced concrete buildings have three characteristics: they are resistant to hazards that may affect hard core, they can be isolated from outside air and are self-sufficient when needed while ensuring optimum capability of local response. By 2020, all French EDF nuclear power plants will possess their own local crisis building.