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BIM by Egis, offering a new dimension to your projects

Considered to be a true revolution, the digital model today lies at the heart of building and infrastructure design, construction and operating processes. From the earliest design stages, BIM helps users to make the right choices thanks to the interactive simulation and reversibility of solutions examined. BIM’s interoperable programmes encourage teamwork and communication between all disciplines, helping to enhance project consistency. From digital data input to 3D perspectives, stakeholders have new tools at their disposal to increase their productivity (cost control, timeframe compliance, etc.) and improve the technical and energy performances of the infrastructure.

At Egis, Building Information Modeling is a real corporate project. Deeply committed to research, in-house training and the promotion of innovation to partners throughout the construction industry, Egis champions this revolution in France and abroad in the fields of buildings, architecture, engineering, civil engineering and public works.

Egis: promoting BIM

With its active membership of research networks and programmes (Mediaconstruct*, MINnD**), the group contributes to organising the sharing of information, defining a standardised data model, developing new tools and specifying collaborative platforms between all construction players. In its role as a preceptor, Egis recommends using BIM from the earliest design phases of projects.

Through a wide-ranging in-house training programme, Egis is building a population of acknowledged experts and teams specialising in BIM management. Capitalising on successful experience in the Buildings sector, Egis aims to promote the wider deployment of BIM and its applications to all areas of construction.

*Association de promotion de la maquette numérique en France, member of BuildingSmart International

**Modélisation des Informations Interopérables pour les Infrastructures Durables

BIM - Engineering Information Modeling