You’re a planner, developer, local authority, industrialist, architect or builder and you are curious about what tomorrow holds and market trends in the longer term? You’re interested in exploring probable and/or possible futures?

Egis will work with you assisting on questions linked to large-scale and long-term strategies in your sector of activity. Using its wide range of urban specialists, the Egis group and its Future Intelligence Unit propose a range of services including:

  • Coordination and animation of strategic thinking on cross sector themes.
  • Invention of stimulation methods to initiate discussions on possible futures.
  • Mobilisation of Egis group experts to document theme based workshops (water, energy, climate, demographics, mobility, health, etc.).
  • Organisation of events to sustain and implement long-term themes (workshops, conferences, exploratory trips).
  • Creation of specialised simulation and anticipation models using mathematical expertise (probability models, dynamic systems).
  • Introduction of innovative tools for representing graphical and digital complexity.
  • And others to be defined together.

Our missions

The Future Intelligence Unit has co-organised workshops and contributed to the development of future scenarios relating to the city of 2030. It will also design and illustrate the presentation document for scenarios to be distributed to the Sustainable Development representatives within the Group's subsidiaries.

The Future Intelligence Unit organised and designed the internal future planning seminar, Egis 2030, which helped to define long-term strategic scenarios.

It is currently working on a series of mapping projects identifying the group's cross-sector skills on major global subjects. The Climat map is the first of the Map_Egis collection and appeared last December. The Future Intelligence Unit was also responsible for drafting and publishing a series of works devoted to energy-climate interactions (Guides IEC collection).

The Future Intelligence Unit has strong links, in terms of operational innovation, with the Egis Concept subsidiary, particularly with Elioth_lab and Elioth_polis, on institutional research subjects in which the Egis group is active (for example the Resilis project in the ANR Sustainable Cities programme, or the ReForMe team in the framework of the Ignis Mutat Res inter-ministerial programme).