A capacity for innovation based on networking and partnerships

The capacity to innovate, a key element in the Egis culture, is supported by our international research and intelligence monitoring and by partnerships with the professional world.

It also derives from cooperation with networks of experts and anticipation of needs and challenges posed by society – contracting authorities, politicians and citizens.

Egis participates in experimental projects and national and European research programmes. Egis is also involved in technical committees and research networks.

Egis & KM networks of experts: Pooling and capitalising on experience

By organising networks of people within Egis, who have the same expertise, we combine the wealth of operational experience and specialisation to offer clients the best answers available from more than 12,000 employees.

Knowledge Management is at the heart of the Egis strategy. It enables the Group to capitalise on technological and methodological experience, milestones and good practices. This structured knowledge management ensures:

  • On-going improvements in productivity, responsiveness and innovation
  • Greater client satisfaction
  • Effective transfer of expert knowledge and easier access to information.

Egis invests in future oriented partnerships and competitive clusters

Egis participates in major projects led by  the Programme for Investment for the Future (PIA), for example the Institute for Technological Research (IRT), Railenium (European institute for technological research for rail infrastructure), the Institute for Excellence in Decarbonized Energy (IEED), Védécom (Decarbonised and Communicating Vehicles and Mobility) and the Efficacity (energy-efficient cities) project in the context of sustainable cities.

Egis participates in many R&D partnership projects in France and the rest of Europe. Bringing together universities, research laboratories, industrialists, companies and communities, this research is co-financed by the ANR (National Research Agency), the FUI (Inter-ministerial Fund), Competitive Clusters and the European Union.

Research contracts to create cities and infrastructure of tomorrow

Egis is involved in many significant research contracts.

For sustainable cities, Egis is part of the ANR (National Research Agency) CANOPEE projects, for providing transport infrastructure in an urban environment, and FURET, which designs discreet urban construction sites. For mobility, Egis collaborates on two FUI (Inter-ministerial Fund) projects: PUMAS (an urban platform for advanced and sustainable mobility) and SCORE@F (which develops and tests cooperative systems provided by communicating vehicles).

Egis has for many years invested in research into vulnerability and adapting to climate change. Egis coordinates the ANR RESILIS projects, based on urban resilience to natural catastrophes, and IMPETUS, an assistance tool for developing sustainable urban planning projects. Egis has also participated in the RIMAROCC and WEATHER projects, and steered the World Bank study on adapting to climate change and natural disasters in North African coastal cities.

In the field of risk management, the DIGUINTELLIGENTE project, in which Egis is active, is one of 24 R&D projects selected by the government in the framework of the eco-industries call for projects. It consists of setting up an operational system for detecting leaks in dykes in order to localise leak zones and monitor leak rates in quantitative terms. Started by Egis, the GERMA project financed by the ANR is designed to develop tomorrow's methods of risk management in engineering, as well as reduce the risk of accident and indirectly limit increases in insurance premiums.

With regards to energy, Egis is collaborating with Emacop, a project to harness Coastal Marine and Port Energy on the coastal structures of the IREX National Project.

Egis coordinated the digital modelling project Communic.

Competitive Clusters

Egis is present in several French competitive clusters, contributing to job creation through innovation.

Egis is active on diverse bodies (chairing, scientific consultancy) in the Advancity clusters (sustainable cities and urban eco-technologies) and Moveo (safe and environmentally-friendly automobiles and public transport).

Egis is a member of the Aérospace Valley college of "Grandes Entreprises", a worldwide "aeronautics, space and embedded systems" competitive cluster.

Egis is a partner of I-Trans, the worldwide competitive cluster for international innovative transport, and the LUTB (Lyon Urban Truck & Bus) cluster, the only competitive cluster in Europe focussing on major environmental, societal and economic issues that constitute human and merchandise transport systems in an urban environment.

Connecting with our partners

Egis isa founding member of the IDEL engineering institute dedicated to collaborative research, consisting of 26 members from the building, infrastructure and technology consultancy sectors.

Egis is also a member of the IDRRIM (institute for roads, streets and mobility infrastructure), the IMdR (institute for risk management), a member of the SNRI (national research and innovation strategy) work group, a member of the ministry for research and of the PREBAT new buildings committee.

Egis is a member of the ECTP (European Technology Platform) and plays an active role in the work of the PIARC / AIPCR (World Road Association), and in MEDIACONSTRUCT / BuildingSmart (digital modelling for the building sector).