Egis Eau

“Water, the wellspring of our activity”

Egis Eau specialises in consultancy and engineering in the fields of water, environment and energy. The firm is active in France and elsewhere in the world for major French and international contracting authorities and for private clients.

Egis Eau grew out of the merging, on 1 July 2011, of the activities of Egis Eau in France and in other countries. Restructuring in this way gave the new Egis Eau an international dimension, allowing the firm to leverage expertise and capacity for innovation recognised in France for many years.


  •  Rémi Cunin, Chairman of the administrative Board
  •  Régis Dumay, Chief Executive Officer

Key Figures

  • 500 specialist employees (engineers, experts and technicians)
  • a €60 million turnover figure, 35% of which earned in the international arena
  • a network of 50 locations in France
  • presence in over 100 countries
  • ISO 9001 certification for all of its activities.