Egis currently has over 40 projects in India. Its subsidiary, Egis India, is the group's 2nd largest base in the world with more than 1000 employees. With a longstanding presence in the development of Indian infrastructure, today Egis deploys its expertise in construction, water, air, energy, environment, and much more.

With a population of 1.2 billion, one of the fastest growing in the world, India is in the starting blocks to become one of the three largest economies in the world by 2050. But to support this growth, infrastructure such as roads, railways, airports, ports, power grids all need developing. The need for improvement in the fields of urban planning, hydrology and sanitation is increasing exponentially.

Egis's business activity in India is increasing by 25% per year with iconic projects such as the Chennai Metro, the commissioning of a 3rd metro line in Kolkata, modernisation of the railway station in Mumbai, depollution of the Ganges, the master plan for "Great Mumbai", and many more projects.

Egis Road Operation India operates and maintains the national highways NH-47 in Kerala, NH-93 in Uttar Pradesh and NH-8D in Gujarat and the state highway SH-01 in Telengana.

The group has numerous regional offices: Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Kolkata and Chennai and has project offices established in a dozen other Indian states.

In 2010, Egis India was recognised by the Indian Organisation for the Promotion of National Economic Growth and Social development for its "outstanding contribution" to the industrial development of India.


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