Egis is present in North America through three major projects : The free flow tolling systems of Port Mann Bridge and Golden Ears Bridge in Vancouver, Canada, and a toll interoperability contract in the US.

In Canada, Egis takes part in the road development program in Metro Vancouver region with two innovative projects :The free flow tolling systems of Port Mann Bridge and Golden Ears Bridge in Vancouver. The free flow electronic tolling system means each customer is automatically detected and charged without having to slow down. It allows optimizing traffic flow and reducing travel times on these heavily used bridges - approximately 120,000 vehicles per day use the 10-lanes Port Mann Bridge.

In the US, Egis signed a contract with the "Alliance for Toll Interoperability" (ATI), an organisation including forty (40) full members consisting of toll road operators from within the United States, and three (3) affiliate members from Canada, Australia and New York USA. This contract includes the supply, implementation and operation of the nationwide interoperability HUB for billing the tolls of interstate motorists, based on license plate camera reads and transponders. Egis is a 50% shareholder of Secure Interagency Flow LLC (SIF), in charge of the interoperability contract. Within this joint venture, Egis will focus on operating activities.


Pascal Lemonnier

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