Great Britain: The consortium Designer whose leader is Egis, has won the contract for the extension of the tram network in Birmingham

The consortium designer, with Egis, Pell Frischmann and Tony Gee, has just won the contract “Midland Metro Alliance: design of line 2 and multiple extensions” in Birmingham. Firstly, this will be an upgrade to the existing line, on behalf of the WMCA (West Midlands Combined Authority).

The Birmingham light rail network will be extended by offering a more attractive public transport system highlighting urban regeneration projects and with costs substantially lower than those generally observed in Britain.

20 July 2016



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The Alliance, an innovative scheme

The project will take the form of an Alliance between: Owner / Designer / Contractor working as a "virtual" company. The three partners work together as one team, sharing upside and downside risks, i.e. profits and losses. This concept first originated in Australia where it was used for some public works contracts.

In the case of Birmingham, the Owner is WMCA, the public transport authority. Egis is the lead contractor in the Designer applicant consortium together with Pell Frischmann and Tony Gee as partners. And the Contractor applicant consortium is Colas Rail in association with Barhale, Thomas Vale and Auctus Management Group.

The Midland Metro alliance came into force on the 4th July 2016. It provides a team of unprecedented local and international experience, bringing both the skills and commitment needed to make the expanded tram network a reality.

The scale of the proposed development program, and the commitment to a 10 year period provides the Alliance with a unique opportunity to develop efficient bespoke solutions, build long term relationships with key stakeholders and to play a major role in the enhancement of the communities within which it will be operating.

The total investment for the development of the Birmingham tram network amounts to 1.2 billion pounds sterling.

The first extensions

The first project will be to implement the extension, including a section without overhead lines, from New street station to Centenary Square, one of the emblematic places in Birmingham. The extension is expected to open in 2019.

The second extension to Edgbaston is scheduled to open in 2021.

A third extension which will connect the Bull Street area in Curzon Street Station, will also feature the future high speed line "HS2 ".

An opening into the British market for Egis

This new project won by Egis is just reward for our efforts and the desire of the Egis Group to become a major player in the British market. For Egis, already present in the UK, with project structuring and operations services activities, this is an essential step for the development of its engineering business and we plan new projects in this market during the coming years.