A forward thinking corporate university educating for improved performance and greater customer satisfaction.

Managing market developments in complex situations, responding to global challenges while remaining at the cutting edge of technical expertise, and expanding our thinking to find solutions for the future are all priorities for Egis. Our corporate university is a driving force helping us to reach these goals.

In order to stimulate creativity, encourage cross-collaboration, share expertise and promote a common culture across a diverse cultural group, Egis Campus focuses on two areas: training and knowledge sharing.


Egis Campus offers prestigious training courses in strategic areas (Project Management, Consulting, General Management, Business Development). To give students a practical and in-depth understanding of the key issues, Egis Campus uses a varied mix of educational techniques: workshops, simulations, field visits, meetings with outside figures, etc. and thus builds bridges between the different areas of knowledge essential for meeting the challenges of tomorrow.

Knowledge sharing

Our university offers conferences (Campus talks) open to all employees: they contribute to a shared philosophy and provide a better understanding of Group news, developments and business trends. As part of its clients' projects Egis Campus designs customised training, with the same degree of attention paid to developing our own resources, so we can move forward together.
« The best way to predict the future is to create it. »Peter Drucker