Climate challenge: new video on our commitments


Five concrete commitments at the heart of our business

At a time when the climate emergency and the loss of biodiversity are becoming more pressing every day, Egis has made five commitments to take concrete action for the environment on a daily basis.

✅ Reduce our greenhouse gas emissions

✅ Reduce emissions from our clients' projects

✅ Strengthen carbon sequestration

✅ Strengthen the resilience of territories and infrastructures

✅ Evolving our business portfolio in line with the Paris Agreement

These commitments are part of Egis' corporate project, Impact the future, which aims to make the company a leading player in the fight against climate change. The Group's multidisciplinary approach enables it to offer a wide range of levers and innovative, high-performance solutions for the entire life cycle of structures and at all territorial scales, with a resolutely systemic approach.

Laurent Germain, CEO of Egis, said: "Our main sectors of activity - cities, buildings and transport - account for more than 50% of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. We therefore have a vital role to play in the fight against climate change with our clients, and in particular with the territories. We take this responsibility very seriously and are making our contribution to environmental protection.

Watch the video here