Complete project management of the pedestrian and cycle bridge at Vannes station


In partnership with Ney & Partners (main contractor) and Villes & Paysages, Egis have been awarded the project management (design and construction supervision) of the bicycle-pedestrian bridge at Vannes Station.

The new footbridge will be the key element of the new Vannes Multimodal Interchange Station.

It will not only allow the crossing of the railway tracks, providing an easy connection to the platforms and the station, but it will also serves as an inter-district link. This new infrastructure, exclusively dedicated to pedestrian and cycles, has been designed for people with restricted mobility. It will make Vannes city centre and the southern districts accessible to the inhabitants of the Nord neighbourhood and the town of Saint-Avé, now separated by the railway line.

Egis will be involved in all phases of this project by providing its know-how in the following missions:

  • Checking of the structure’s design (carried out by Ney & Partners)
  • Scheduling, construction management and coordination (SCMC) for the whole duration of the operation (from the design to the construction works)
  • Management of railway interfaces with SNCF Réseaux and SNCF Gares et Connexion (risk analysis with the aim of proposing preventive measures consistent with the typology of works and the execution methods; identification of interference between permanent and temporary structures and the railway network, ...)
  • Management of interfaces with the project manager of “Public Spaces” (project of Vannes Multimodal Interchange Station, footbridge excluded) and utilities suppliers
  • Proposal for the implementation of passenger information and ticketing systems for Vannes Multimodal Interchange Station’s users (support and customer information system, ticketing system, video-surveillance system, public address system and telephone system, fire protection in accordance with current regulations) Definition of the connection devices for these different systems
  • Dry and wet utilities infrastructures (drawing a plan of the existing sub-surface utilities allowing an exhaustive vision of project’s impacts, management and coordination of additional investigations, definition of possible utilities’ displacements in coordination with utilities suppliers )
  • Assistance to the project owner during procurement process of public works
  • Application of a sustainable development approach for the whole duration of our mission as project manager: our teams will work on improving the environmental quality of the project by reducing its negative impacts all along its life cycle while preserving its functional qualities. This involves the development of a Sustainable Development Management Plan, containing prescriptions and particularly issues related to the construction site environment, the transcription of the above-mentioned prescriptions into public works contracts, a carbon footprint drawn up as early as the preliminary design and updated during detailed design, the production of an Environmental Compliance Guide attached to Tender documents.
  • Supervision of construction works, assistance for acceptance load tests of the infrastructure