Egis and IBI Group win the operation of the Traffic Scotland National Control Centre


Transport Scotland have awarded MOBIIE Limited, an IBI Group and Egis Joint Venture, a five-year contract to operate the Traffic Scotland National Control Centre and manage the Scottish Trunk road network that represents over 3500 km of roads including the key inter-city motorways.

Transport Scotland is the national transport agency tasked with delivering a safe, efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable transport system to benefit road users and citizens.

The Traffic Scotland National Control Centre provides a 24/7 control room with a fully joined-up response during major travel incidents and severe weather as well as monitoring the daily operation of Scotland’s Trunk road network and co-ordinating the response to incidents as they occur. By managing the operation of the control centre, Egis and IBI Group are committed to improve the safety and efficiency of the road network by delivering the core services including the:

  • Monitoring of 3500 km of road network, that carries approximatively 38% of all traffic in Scotland
  • Provision of traffic data management and road network performance reporting with data from over 3500 traffic monitoring units
  • Communication of traffic and travel information for the Scottish road network via radio, digital and social media channels, that includes over 300,000 Twitter followers
  • Planning and responding to special events, roadworks and incidents, utilising 340 Variable Message Signs and over 1000 Motorway electronic signs on the network
  • Facilities management services for the 1200m2 of control centre and an exhibition room that welcomes visitors and dignitaries to the centre

Capitalising on a combination of over 40 years of experience in operations and systems integration, these core services will be built on by the MOBIIE team and continuously improved through best practices brought through international experience from IBI Group and Egis.

Minister for Transport, Graeme Dey said:

“The Traffic Scotland service plays a vital role for people using our trunk roads, closely monitoring the network and providing key travel information for road users 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This new contract will ensure Traffic Scotland continues to support the safe, efficient and resilient operation of Scotland’s trunk roads and I look forward to MOBIIE building on the success of the service in recent years.”

Kevin Bebenek, IBI Group’s Global Director of Intelligence, commented:

"Having worked with Transport Scotland for over 25 years, IBI Group looks forward to continuing to strengthen this relationship. Our joint venture with Egis draws upon the collective capabilities and expertise of both companies that will facilitate safe and efficient road network operations.”

Renaud Beziade, Chief Executive Officer Project Structuring, Operation and New Services, Egis, added:

“For more than 20 years, Egis has been investing and working on projects across the United Kingdom and this project should enable us to strengthen Egis in the region. Our fruitful collaboration with IBI will allow us to address this wonderful challenge improving road safety on the entire 3500km of network combining high-hand technologies from IBI and well-known expertise in infrastructure management from Egis. We are grateful to Transport Scotland for their trust and confidence in Egis expertise.”