Our success story in Lyon


For 50 years and with over 750km of metro lines, the design and delivery of metros has been a central activity and the heart of Egis’ know-how. Founder of the original metro system in Lyon, the second French metropolitan area with around 2 millions inhabitants, in the 1970s, Egis has a long-standing expertise at the heart of the design, development and modernisation of the Lyon metro.

Egis designed and managed the construction of the complete metro network which is highly automated (including one driverless line) and very popular with its users. The four lines have enabled the 2 million citizens of Lyon to reconnect with their city, due in part to high-quality urban developments: pedestrian areas, redesign of metro station surroundings, restructuring of the street network and provision of  park-and-ride facilities.

Our teams were in charge of the general engineering, procurement and construction management, from design phase until revenue service of lines A, B, C and D and their subsequent extensions. Line D, delivered in 1991, was the first-ever high capacity automatic metro line in the world.

Egis has remained involved in the development of the network over the years: extension of line B to Gerland stadium opened for revenue service in 2000, extension of line B to Oullins opened for revenue service in 2013. Egis is currently providing EPCM* services for the extension of line B and also the systems integration management of “Avenir Métro”, which plans to increase the capacity of the metro by fully automating line B.

In addition to our experience in Metro, Egis teams are working on the LRT network which is connected to the metro network. In 2001, we inaugurated the two first lines of LRT and then managed all the extensions of theses 2 lines. Our engineers also provided  EPCM services for line 3 and the Rhonexpress, a combined tram-train line that runs between the city centre of Lyon and the city’s main airport. It shares part of its infrastructure with LRT line 3. These both lines have been inaugurated in 2006. Today, Egis is in charge of the line 6, planned for completion in 2026, to serve 55 000 passengers per day.

Egis is a key player in Lyon, having delivered around 90% of the network. Through this experience with the entire network, on both metro and LRT, Egis has demonstrated its capacity to bring together a wide range of expertise on new lines and to build integrated and evolutive metro networks, adapted for each city.

*EPCM : Engineering Procurement and Construction Management is a services-only contract, under which the consultant performs engineering, procurement and construction management services. In an EPCM arrangement, the client selects a consultant who provides management services for the whole project on behalf of the client. This type of contract is very common in France (called “Maitrise d’oeuvre”).