The Nef: a social renovation project

Spotlight on Sustainable Development in Tours with the Nef, a social renovation project to high architectural and energy standards.

In 2006, the developer Art Prom launched this project to renovate the former sorting centre of the Tours post office, destined to be demolished. The project offers a net surface area of 13,000 sqm divided equally between commercial activity and housing:

  • 52 low-cost housing units including
  • 10 houses on the roof (a net floor area of 4500 sqm)
  • 29 OPAC (French Public Office for Development and Construction) social housing units (a net floor area of 2000 sqm)
  • Offices open to the public (a net floor area of 6500 sqm)

The original building was a parallelepiped: 100 m long, 25 m wide and 18 m high. The design of its reconfiguration aims to give rhythm to the ensemble and to include open spaces in a previously enclosed structure. The block was therefore split into two lengthwise, adding a large circulation structure that brings together all the common areas between the two sections.
The “Nef” building therefore owes its name to this vast central covered area that will house all the passageways leading to both the offices and housing.