Spotlight on Sustainable Development: Les Mureaux

Developing soft infrastructure in one of the largest urban renewal projects in France

In 2006, the town of Les Mureaux embarked on a major urban renewal project that covers about a quarter of its territory. This is one of the largest ANRU (National Agency for Urban Renewal) projects in France, affecting nearly 15,000 residents on a site covering almost 175 acres.

It is a long site, moving through inhabited areas. In this context, atelier Villes et Paysages (Egis group), in consortium with Richez Associés and INFRA Services, was entrusted with the project management for restructuring all public areas in this major urban renewal project.

Following this redefinition, the entire town will be crossed by a truly urban park. This new “backbone” is the missing link between the different areas: it is an ambitious planning project for strengthening social cohesion.