Air traffic control is modernized in Thailand


Over 104%: this is the increase in air traffic expected in Thailand by 2026. Responding to this growth requires modernizing air traffic management systems in order to gain in capacity and performance. A large-scale project in which Egis brings its skills in safety.

Thailand plans to double its air traffic in the next ten years. Today, the country's 6 main airports handle a total traffic of more than 100 million passengers per year.

In response to this growth, the air navigation service provider of Thailand AEROTHAI has initiated a long-term project to improve air traffic management and communication, navigation and surveillance (ATM / CNS) infrastructure and systems at nationwide.

As part of this project, Egis is providing their technical expertise in safety and Human Factors, combined with the operational expertise of Irish Aviation Authority air traffic controllers, partners of the consortium.

“The multiplicity of infrastructures constitutes a major challenge in this project since Thailand is equipped with 5 approach air traffic control centers, 36 control towers, 7 defense control units, as well as the Bangkok regional control center. These will all gradually be equipped with a new air traffic management system and be the subject of modernization of their automation and communication systems. Says Glen Smith, senior consultant at Egis.

The whole difficulty of the project lies in carrying out safety studies upstream of the transition phase towards these new systems and infrastructures, with very different operational environments and for very different needs. “In fact, changes will affect small aerodromes as well as international and domestic hubs.