Air transportation security: a reward for the efforts of Madagascar and Togo

The Togolese and Madagascar civil aviation authorities may justly feel proud! Working hand-in-hand with Egis, the considerable progress registered over the past two years in terms of air transportation security has been roundly applauded by the international community. These are quantifiable successes based on a strong commitment to regulatory compliance.

In order to be allowed to travel safely in European airspace, aircraft operators must comply with very strict aircraft care and maintenance and employee certification standards.

While the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has insisted upon minimum requirements since ratification of the Convention of Chicago in 1944, it is the Members States themselves who are tasked with transposing these requirements into local legislation as well as with subsequent enforcement. The ICAO periodically audits local civil aviation authorities to check that local regulations comply with international standards and recommended practices and that all aircraft operators in the country in question actually apply such standards.

In many emerging countries, the ability of national aviation authorities to properly carry out their control and safety functions is considered insufficient for guaranteeing safe aircraft operations for other Member States who use these territories. In such cases, the ICAO may simply withdraw the right to operate, putting a considerable break on a country’s development.

Deserved plaudits for Madagascar

Since 2015, France has been financing and coordinating a programme to provide technical assistance to the Madagascar Civil Aviation Authority (ACM) within the framework of a close partnership involving the French civil aviation authority (DGAC), the ICAO and Egis.

Thanks to this programme Madagascar became one of civil aviation’s star pupils in 2015 when it was awarded a certificate by the ICAO Council President in person at the organisation’s triennial assembly held in September 2016. This is a strong endorsement of recent progress achieved by Madagascar in the areas of security oversight and compliance with international standards.

Togo Civil Aviation Authority leads the way in Africa

Egi has also been helping the Togolese civil aviation authority (ANAC) to bring its security oversight systems into line with the most recent applicable standards in the wake of changes to legislation and regulations covering on-the-job training, oversight and the resolution of security-related issues.