AuditSafe, a new Egis subsidiary!

AuditSafe is the new Egis subsidiary dedicated to inspection and certification activities in urban and railway transportation systems.

AuditSafe team: Nicolas Mosser (CEO), Edith Baternel (Assistant), Gérard Farizon(CTO), Fabrice Chodorge(Certification Director, Jean-Pierre Chaussoy(Inspection Director)

This company, disconnected from Egis engineering activities, is an independent safety assessment body for urban and railway transportation systems. The activity of AuditSafe as certification and inspection body allows growing on OQA (Qualified body) market in France and ISA (Independent Safety Assessor) and ICE (Independent Checking Engineer) market abroad.

AuditSafe organization is based on a strong team of railway experts well known in their fields (Rolling stock, Civil works, track, tramway urban integration, Power supply, signalling and automatic train control, RAMS) and accredited to inspection and certification assignments.

AuditSafe is particulary in charge of Bangkok green line skytrain ICE project. The contract was won by Egis on last December in association with Thaïland companies Epsilon and MHPM for two and a half years. The client is Krungthep Thankhom, subsidiary of Bangkok Metropolitan Authority.

Contact: Nicolas Mosser – AuditSafe CEO