BIM Conference 2017 in Dubai

Projacs, CCC and Stanford University organizing the 5th annual BIM Conference.

Building on the well-attended first four conferences, in particular last year’s conference on BIM and Lean, this year’s conference will showcase successful applications of BIM by many disciplines in all the lifecycle phases. As in previous years, the speakers will speak from personal experience in applying BIM beneficially and quantify the costs and benefits of BIM use as much as possible. They will present examples of using BIM on a wide range of types of projects and in support of many roles, disciplines, and life cycle phases from project idea to facility management.

The last 12 months have brought many advancements in the breadth and depth of BIM use. Tougher market conditions and client requirements and more and more powerful communication, mobile, cloud, collaboration, 3D positioning, and other technologies underscore the importance of well-structured information to design, build, and manage successful construction projects. BIM is the best technology available today to structure project information well and make it useful for people and a wide range of computing systems. 

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