Egis’s annual results 2017: consolidation and growth

In 2017, the Group’s turnover remained level as a whole and our financial results recorded an improvement.

  • Consolidated turnover slightly up on 2016, reaching €1.050 billion.
  • An unchanged turnover breakdown between Engineering (76% of sales) and Operation and Mobility Services (24%).
  • Business outside France accounts for 62% of total group activity. The group’s turnover most notably increases in the Middle East.
  • Business in France remains buoyant, up 5.5% on 2016, in particular in the Rail, Buildings, and Aviation markets. It represents 46% of our turnover in engineering.
  • Increased distributable net profit: amounting to €39.6 million, significantly higher than in 2016 (€30 million).

" Our 2017 results are fully in line with our growth targets. Egis has once again posted turnover in excess of €1 billion, with a slight year-on-year rise, and most of our indicators are also improving. In an increasingly competitive environment, we particularly welcome the significant increase in our net profit, which amounts this year to €39.6 million.

At the same time, our service offering continues to expand and diversify, allowing us to reinforce our presence along the entire value chain of projects. The digital transformation of our firm is fully underway, and BIM is now the production standard in all our operational units. I am certain that 2018 will be another year of progress for our Group."

Nicolas Jachiet, Chairman and CEO, Egis

Turnover in excess of €1 billion

In 2017, managed turnover amounted to €1.050 billion, slightly up compared to 2016.

  • Engineering posted sales of €799 million. It should be noted that for the second consecutive year, business improved in France by more than 4.1%, notably in the Rail, Buildings and Aviation markets. Business in France accounted for 46% of turnover in engineering.
  • In operation and mobility services, excluding change in reporting scope, business activity grew by 6% to record €250 million in turnover. This can mainly be attributed to healthy results from our airport operating companies due to increased air traffic in airports in Cyprus and Belgium, a marked upturn in our activities in Turkey, and the development of business on the Saclay heat network project.


Consolidation abroad and increased business in France

Activity outside France accounted for 62% of the group’s total sales. In particular, Egis’s turnover increased in the Middle East. At the same time, activity in France continued to increase for the second year running, with a rise of nearly 4.1%, in particular in the Rail, Buildings and Aviation markets.


An order intake supporting our level of business activity

Our order intake in engineering represented nearly a full year of turnover. Among the significant projects won by Egis this year feature the construction project “Housing for All” in India, the project management of the “Ruiru II” dam in Kenya, the new EPR reactors 1220 and 1221 in the United Kingdom and the LRT lines T3 and T4 in Casablanca, Morocco.


Improving net profit

Net distributable profit amounted to €39.6 million, an improvement of €9.6 million on 2016 (€30 million). In particular, our engineering business improved all of its profit indicators, thanks to efficient operating cost control and lower provision charges.


Egis continues to develop and diversify its offering

Architecture and master planning

The 160 employees of 10 Design joined the Egis group at the end of 2017. This architecture and master planning firm established in Hong Kong, but also in Edinburgh and Dubai, enhances our offering and provides a decisive boost to our expansion in South-East Asia.

Road operations

In 2017, we acquired OCACSA (Operación y Conservación de Autopistas Concesionadas), a supplier of services to road users and a concessionaire of toll motorways, with 360 employees.

With this acquisition, Egis becomes the leading independent motorway operator in Mexico, managing more than 200 km of infrastructure.

New services

Egis and Transdev created Moovia®, a new industry reference brand in parking enforcement. At the beginning of 2018, Moovia® started up a six-year contract relating to 115,000 street parking spaces in six Paris districts and around 10 other cities in France, including Bordeaux and Nice. Egis is supplying the systems and back-office operations required for parking enforcement under these contracts.

Turnkey and energy

Egis today offers a new turnkey service proposition for heating and cooling network energy projects to meet the expectations of the energy transition market, and in particular to support local communities’ energy independence. In 2017, Egis was awarded a turnkey operation for the Asnières-sur-Seine business park.


Egis, a springboard for start-ups

Egis and Icade launched Cycle Up, an innovative company specialising in the reuse of building materials. Through an online digital platform which lists materials available following a building/demolition project and their reuse solutions, firms working in the sector – project owners, architects, engineers, demolition firms and builders - can propose and source the materials they need. This new initiative promotes the ecology and energy transition.


Looking to the future

To map out its route in the midst of an increasingly concentrated competitive landscape, Egis has stepped up its efforts to pursue strong growth and aims to climb significantly up the worldwide rankings and enhance the group’s visibility.

One of our main priorities is to accelerate the digitalisation of our group to support our clients in this new technological era. In particular, we are focusing on promoting digital tools and transforming our working methods and managerial practices.

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