Egis awarded EPCM contract for Lyon-Turin base tunnel (lot 3)

On 2 February 2018, the company Tunnel Euroalpin Lyon-Turin (TELT) awarded new project management contracts for the Mont-Cenis base tunnel in Savoy. These contracts, divided into three packages, relate to the French part of the base tunnel, which is a binational tunnel running 57 km between France and Italy.

Egis won Lot number 3 for the construction of a 5 km section of tunnel and for all of the installations outside the tunnel entrance on the French side. The assignment relates to the design studies and construction supervision which are scheduled to last four-and-a-half years. The contract was awarded to the INALPAGE consortium, headed by Egis in partnership with Ingérop, Alpina and Geodata.

This is the fourth tunnel boring EPCM assignment won by Egis’s tunnel teams since 2002 on this exceptional project where all boring techniques are represented and where all our expertise comes into play:

  • conventional boring for the Saint-Martin-La-Porte ramp: 2.4 km of access tunnel;
  • deep underground boring of the base tunnel: 9 km using a TBM and 1.5 km using conventional methods, in very changeable geological conditions and a restrictive environment;
  • the boring of the Avrieux ventilation shaft, a real technical challenge which consists of drilling vertical shafts 500 m long using Raise Boring techniques and excavating several large-volume caves and galleries for the future underground operations site of Modane;
  • traditional boring of the two base tunnel tubes, running 5 km from the French entrance in a scree zone and the construction of a cut-and-cover section and developments and fixtures outside the tunnel.