Egis closes the financing of the « Golfo Centro » highway in Mexico


Egis and its Mexican partner Omega just closed the financing of the Golfo Centro project’s Public-Private Partnership. This PPP includes a 13-year contract for the operation, maintenance and reconstruction of 142km of toll roads between Mexico City (in the center of the country) and the port of Tuxpan, in Mexico’s Gulf coast.

The financing was closed after the attribution by public development bank Banobras in January 2018 of the Autopista Golfo Centro project to the consortium made of Egis and Mexican constructor Omega, specialized in infrastructure and industrial real estate developments.

Financing agreements were signed with the main Mexican financial group, Grupo Financiero Banorte, for an investment amounting to over 100 million euros.
This project includes operation, maintenance and reconstruction of three sections of toll roads for a period of 13 years. This road unites the center of the country (Mexico city) with the port of Tuxpan in the Gulf of Mexico. Average daily traffic amounts to approximately 170 000 vehicles per day.

With an estimated value of 420 million euros, the contract started on February 1st with the retaking of the operation. It also contemplates the modernization of the manual and electronic toll equipment (6 stations in total), traffic equipment (including Intelligent Transport Systems) and the reconstruction of road sections.

Since the acquisition, in December 2017, of the company Ocacsa which provides services to toll road users and concessionaires, Egis has become the first independent toll road operator in Mexico with over 700 employees and 200 kilometers in operation. This success is an important milestone in the Group’s expansion in Latin America, notably through operation & maintenance activities.