Egis partners with the Norwegian company Catenda for the bimsync platform

Egis has chosen the bimsync platform to facilitate Building Information Modelling (BIM) collaboration for three of its French urban transport infrastructure projects: Line 16 of the Grand Paris Express metro, the extension of Marseilles’ tram network and the extension of Lyon’s metro line B.


Egis and the Norwegian company Catenda, major actor of open BIM, signed a contract for implementation of the bimsync collaborative platform to meet the needs of the project for extending Lyon’s metro line B to Hôpitaux Sud (Project Owner: Sytral).

This contract is the third one signed this year between the French engineering group and the Norwegian company. Just a few months back, Egis had already signed a contract for setting up bimsync for the Grand Paris Express line 16 project (Project Owner: Société du Grand Paris), and for the Marseille tramway extension project (Project Owner: Marseille Provence Métropole).

- We are very proud to support the big challenges Egis are tackling. They have great expertise and engage in the most complex projects in the world. Joining them will feed back to our product bimsync as well, says Håvard Brekke Bell, CEO of Catenda.

For these three major urban transport infrastructure projects, Egis acts both as the representative of the project management group and as BIM Manager, i.e. as an advisor, expert and guarantor of the management and coordination of the BIM working methods for the project.

An efficient and effective tool

Given the complexity of the works to be completed and the urgency for bringing together a wide variety of stakeholders involved in BIM models, It is for this reason that Egis decided to adopt a collaboration solution which was up to the task.

“We were looking for a simple but efficient and stable solution, fully accessible online and thus easy to deploy” said Marc Vincens, in charge of the BIM collaborative platform benchmark project at Egis Rail. “Interoperability was also one of our first concerns. Through a BIM platform, all exchanges should be made through open BIM standards (IFC and BCF)”, added Nicolas Ferrara, corporate Bim manager. In the end it was bimsync that stood out from the crowd after a comparative study was conducted in 2017 by the Egis team.

The bimsync solution allows any project stakeholder – project manager, prime contractor, constructors etc. access and view the complete digital model of the project via a simple web browser. Thanks to its ease of use, the collaborative platform contributes to a project’s digital model by asserting itself in technical project reviews and thereby accelerating the collective understanding and resolution of the project's problem areas. Finally, the bimsync solution is designed to facilitate the exchange of all daily information. It allows team members to exchange information with each other via annotations attached to the digital model, and to track them until they are resolved.

This partnership between Egis and Catenda will make it possible to develop and simplify the use of BIM on major urban transport projects

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Photo credit: Egis – Fanny Rubigny