Egis publishes its Non-Financial Performance Statement (NFPS)


This non-financial performance statement results from the transcription of a European directive on extra-financial reporting, in the form of an ordinance replacing the former CSR reporting system. Its purpose is to provide a concise and accessible tool for the strategic management of the company, focusing on essential information.

For the second consecutive year, the Egis group is publishing its non-financial performance statement. A statement that, in a single document, centralises the Group's social and environmental information, presents its business model as well as the social and environmental consequences of our activity. All the main extra-financial risks are identified, as well as the policies applied to prevent these risks and the results of these policies.

As a Group highly committed to sustainable development, you will find in this NFPS the main advances in our policy to fight climate change, such as

  • the reduction of our carbon footprint by 25% since 2016,
  • our commitment to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050,
  • our "Pathways 1.5°C" approach to strengthen our climate-related services offer, which includes a low carbon component, a carbon sequestration component and a component for adapting territories to climate change for all our missions and areas of intervention. In 2019, we already had more than 70 tools, methods, solutions and products to help combat climate change. These references are deployed in all our businesses, from consulting to operations.

Other issues such as business ethics, protection of personal and professional data, and our commitments in terms of human development and career management are developed in this document.

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