Egis secures international asset management certification in 4 countries


Egis has successfully completed a haul of certifications against the new ISO 55001:2014 asset management standard on highways projects in the UK, Ireland, Portugal and Australia.

ISO 55001, first international standard for asset management

The standard focuses on core elements of the asset management system (policy, strategy, objectives and planning), as well as wider elements such as communication, leadership, supply chain management and risk management that all support an effective asset management system.

Egis has used its network of asset management experts to secure alignment with this international standard, employing a truly flexible approach to ensure certification is adapted to the local needs of each of these geographically dispersed, long term highways contracts.

The scopes of the 4 certificates were tailored to local client requirements; from a focus on core operations and maintenance in strategically important tunnels in one location to the diverse asset management of 140,000 different highways assets on another.

The certificates have been achieved with local partners, in some instances integrating operations and maintenance, concession and wider supply chain companies as part of a collaborative certification effort.


A better management of assets to ensure value creation

The international framework for asset management is still relatively new and in the UK it is mainly adopted by airports and water companies. Its application on projects delivered by Egis will support greater understanding of the current system status, highlight improvements that can be made and provide clients and shareholders with an external quality assessment of each system.

In 3 of the locations Egis has moved beyond contractual compliance and achieved certification for the benefits that will be realised for the local project, client, partners (including investors) and ultimately asset users.

Egis, specialist asset manager

Egis continues to develop its asset management expertise through its involvement for over 20 years in highways and other infrastructure projects. Today Egis has a network of asset managers deployed across its project portfolio, which in highways alone equates to 18 countries, 62 km tunnels and 3,200 road km under contract.

Individually these certifications demonstrate that Egis, along with our local partners, is at the leading edge of asset management in each of these countries. Collectively they demonstrate the ability of Egis to adapt and deploy asset management best practice in a flexible way to meet the needs of different clients and environments.

Key lessons learned:

  • Certification improved integration of local business teams and processes
  • Scope of standard wider than pure technical aspects – wider system elements improved
  • Demonstrable improvements made to the asset management system
  • Improved asset management awareness the projects

Benefits to achieving certification:

  • Test and improve the effectiveness of the existing system
  • Demonstrate asset management capability
  • Improve asset management awareness
  • Provide external quality mark on system

Photos credit © Egis Road & Tunnel Operation Ireland - Egis Road Operation Australia - Andy Mack - Egis Road Operation Portugal