EPR UK: Egis wins new work order

Edvance, the new EDF subsidiary in charge of engineering power plant nuclear islands (NI), has awarded Egis the third and largest part of EPR UK221 contract at Hinkley Point in south-west England. Egis is lead company in ICOS consortium which also comprises, Tractebel and Setec.

Contract UK1221 covers the production of digital models (BIM) and civil engineering drawings for the main EPR buildings, while another on-going contract (UK 1220) aims to provide models and calculations for the various buildings comprising the NI. Egis is responsible for the project management of these two contracts and also fulfils the key function of BIM manager.

Contract UK1221 is being performed on a shared open-space office involving so far 130 employees on the 10th floor of the Montparnasse Tower in Paris, as well as at several remote partner company sites: Lyon (Tractebel), Warsaw (Egis), Bucharest (Tractebel) and Tunis (Setec). At its peak, the project will employ a workforce of up to 500 people.