Fond Lahayé viaduct in Martinique: a spectacular suspended bridge to be project-managed by Egis


Following a unanimous vote by the contract award committee, Egis, in collaboration with Lavigne-Chéron Architects, has won the project management competition for the Fond Lahayé viaduct, launched by the Martinique Territorial Authority. This spectacular suspended bridge with a 386-metre span will be the first link in the process of opening up the island's northern coast.


The operation consists of building a viaduct to take the RN2 highway across the coastal bay of the Fond Lahayé neighbourhood of Schoelcher in Martinique. The viaduct is a suspended single span bridge measuring 386m between pylons and 25.6m in width. It will carry a 2×2 carriageway and a 4.75m-wide path for use by soft transport modes looking out over the sea.

This solution was selected:

  • for its ability to cross this wide span in an elegant way without generating any impact on the cliffs or the sea floor from an environmental perspective and by containing its impact on land occupancy in this dense urban setting;
  • for its technical qualities, in particular in terms of bridge engineering and geotechnical engineering in at-risk zones: the metallic deck and its suspension - comprising two lateral plies of cables - will be capable of withstanding cyclonic winds. Located in one of the most seismic zones, the bridge will be fitted with earthquake-proof suspension. The 50 m high pylons lean outwards and are deeply sunk into the cliff rock to avoid destabilising them. Innovative materials are used such as ultra-high performance fibre reinforced concrete (UHPFRC) to form the pylon shells.
  • for Egis’s ability to approach the project with a global vision, amalgamating its in-house expertise in structural engineering, earthworks and roadbuilding, geotechnical engineering and environment.

The project management assignments comprise the finalisation of the preliminary studies drawn up during the competition, final design studies, the formulation of legal submissions, the award of building contracts and the supervision of construction.