New success for Egis on Grand Paris Express!


In march, Egis, together with partners Setec Planitec BTP and Ingérop within the consortium Keiros have been awarded a huge assignment to coordinate the construction of three automated metro lines (lines 15 South,16 and 17) on behalf of Société du Grand Paris in Ile de France /Greater Paris Area.

Complex assignments at the heart of a huge project

This contract deals with a total of 80 km of metro running mainly underground, a 6 km elevated section, 31 stations, and six commissioning phases for a total amount invested of more than €10 billion.
Lines 16 and 17 comprise 49 km of infrastructure located mainly underground, with an elevated section on line 17, with the general coordination assignment scheduled to last approximately 13 years. Meanwhile, line 15 South runs for 33 km entirely underground. This coordination assignment will last seven years.

The general coordination assignment has a key role in the operation:

  • to obtain an overview of the progress of the construction (civil work, core and non-core systems) up  to testing and commissioning phase,
  • to support the overall stakeholder management,
  • modelling on BIM4D for complex simulations and dedicated innovations in the geographical representation of project progress.

The Keiros team will manage the operational coordination of the time schedules for the three lines. As a matter of fact, one of the major issue will be to coordinate site by site, milestone by milestone all the various contractors which shall implement works on the same site at the same time : “This part of our assignment is really crucial for the efficiency and safety of the works and tests phases : we have to keep that in mind as our primary concern. And the interfaces between the contractors that we have to supervise will also be another key issue for the appropriate completion of the transportation system” said Keiros Project Manager.

Over these coming years, the Keiros consortium composed of Egis (Lead Member) and its partners will be have to coordinate all stakeholders (more than 100) working on the construction of the three lines. Our teams’ mission will be to manage timeframes in the aim of making sure that lines 15 South., 16 and 17 are duly completed in accordance with the French government’s roadmap.

Egis, a major player in the largest urban project in Europe

Grand Paris Express is made up of a total of 200 km of automatic lines - the same length as the current Paris metro - and 68 stations, making it the largest urban project in Europe! Over the past several years, Egis has been a key partner to Société du Grand Paris in charge of the whole project.

Since summer 2013, Egis has been managing the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) of the systems on lines 15 South, 16 and 17 in a consortium with Setec ITS, the EPC of the infrastructure on line 16 with Tractebel and the EPC of the Champigny-sur-Marne maintenance and stabling facility on line 15 in partnership with Richez & Associés. Egis also ran the infrastructure EPCM of line 15 East from autumn 2016 to autumn 2019 (at which point Lines 15 East and 15 West were converted to a design and build contract).

Finally, the communications consultancy Quai#3 is tasked with assisting the project owner Société du Grand Paris in all its communications actions.

Through all these assignments, Egis has asserted its status as an essential contributor to the largest transport and urban development project in Europe.