A new success for Egis on the mexican project Tren Maya


After a first success in November 2020 on "Tramo 4", Egis, in a consortium with two local engineering companies, Triada and Transconsult, has won a new contract for the supervision of the "Tramo 5 South" works of the gigantic Tren Maya railway project.

© Egis - Philippe Leemput

Tren Maya, a major project for Mexico’s development

The Mexican government launched the Tren Maya project in the context of the National Development Plan (PND 2019-2024). This train will allow passengers and goods to be transported over a distance of more than 1500 kilometres. It will connect 5 principal Mexican states: Yucatan, Quintana Roo, Campeche, Tabasco and Chiapas and hence allow movement between large tourist hubs and rural communities. This line will open up a series of opportunities for commercial and social development, for the benefit of the inhabitants, local businesses and tourism sector.

This major project, made up of 7 different sections, is a true opportunity for the Mexican rail network, giving it the potential to become once again a driver of development in Mexico.

The "Tramo 5" will connect two major tourist cities in Mexico, Cancun and Tulum. The line will be more than 120 km long with a total of 4 stops, including one at the famous resort Playa del Carmen. This line will relieve the current traffic congestion between these tourist centres.

Egis expertise for works supervision

In a consortium with Triada, the contractor, and Transconsult, Egis' teams has been commissioned to supervise construction of the road, the railway track bed and track and the catenary system of the southern section of the Tramo 5 line. This 59 km long segment will link Playa del Carmen and Tulum. The contract also includes the supervision of the works on the various structures ((road and rail bridges, wildlife crossings, footbridges, etc.). Egis' expertise in the management and supervision of large-scale railway projects all around the world is a key asset for the success of this project in Mexico.

Fonatur had announced that for Tren Maya there would not be two awards to the same group or company. This second success is therefore a great victory! Egis' involvement in such a project strengthens the presence and reputation of our teams in Mexico and more widely in Latin America.

Philippe Leemput, signature of the contract
Wednesday 24 March 2021 in Ciudad de Mexico