Nice and Bordeaux renew their contract with Egis Parking


The City of Nice renewed its contract with Moovia (Transdev and Egis as shareholders) for an additional period of two years, postponing the contract end date to the end of 2021. In addition, Egis Parking, as subcontractor of Moovia, provides to the City of Nice a range of services for the systems (fines issuance, tickets servors, claim management system), the enforcement (Automatic Number Plate Recognition system, fine issuing software) and the claims (software (StaDe), management, front website).

The beginning of 2020 was also marked by the renewal of the on-street parking contract with Transdev Park in Bordeaux. Initially for a period of two years, it was renewed for a further two years period until the end of 2021. Bordeaux is Egis Parking's second largest French city in terms of parking spaces after Paris. Egis Parking and Exyzt (Egis Group) provide among others to Transdev Park the systems used to manage the claims and to enforce on-street parking. Egis Parking also manages the claims.