Poland: Egis lead technical studies for the 3rd line of Warszawa metro line


The consortium led by Egis together with TransEko has been selected as preferred bidder for the development of a technical study for the third Warszawa metro line. They signed up this new contract on December 19th 2019.

The teams will have to perform station and route analysis for the first section of the 3rd metro line between National Stadium Station and Gocław station.

Comparative analysis of the three variants of the course of the third metro line should be made concerning functional and transport criteria (including transport volumes, integration of various transport subsystems, numbers residents in the zone 500 m from the metro station), spacious (collisions with vicinity), environmental (environmental impacts and conditions residence) and economic.

The contract will be executed in two following stages:

Stage 1: the preparation of the preliminary report for 3 months. For each of the variants, the initial report should contain a preliminary analysis regarding:

  1. The localization of the third metro line;
  2. Location of individual stations;
  3. Surroundings of the planned metro route;
  4. Transport conditions;
  5. Technical possibilities of implementation;
  6. The concept of connections of the metro stations with another mean of public transport.

Stage 2: the development of Technical Study of 3rd Metro Line, which includes, for each of the variants during 9 months:

  1. Analysis of Ownership, antiquity preservation and Spatial Conditions, environmental and infrastructural for the areas located in the area of the possible impact of construction and operation of the metro
  2. Analysis of planning studies
  3. Assessment of conditions of formal and legal obligations
  4. Analysis of transport conditions
  5. Analysis of technical implementation conditions for each version of the alignment
  6. Economic analysis of the project
  7. Synthesis of analysis with conclusions.

With this new contract, Egis confirms its presence in the country on an emblematic project in Poland. With its international experience, Egis is a key player in the development of a metro network.

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