Poland: Egis signs a contract for the operation of the City of Krakow’s public bike scheme

Egis has just won a contract with the Krakow municipality for the operation of the public bike scheme of the city against four other competitors.

Within the framework of this 8-year contract, Egis will replace the existing scheme with a new one while ensuring continuity through the integration of the current users’ database. The contract involves an implementation period of three months after which the new generation bikes will be deployed progressively to reach 1500 active elements by April 2017.

The future Krakow bike scheme will use a new technology developed by the company Social Bicycles where the intelligence for renting and returning a bike is located on the bike rather than at the station. This will improve user experience by reducing the risk of bike stations being either too full or too empty. If the station is full, the user can simply park the bike nearby. To avoid missing a bike, the user can book a bike in advance at a chosen location through a mobile application. All bikes are equipped with a GPS and an accelerometer which allows the Operator to track each bike in real time. Vandalism rates will decrease subsequently.

"The city of Krakow is particularly attractive for the deployment of this technology, since the city suffers significant congestion issues. By eliminating the problem of parking or finding a bike, the scheme presents a healthy alternative or a complement to traditional commuting" says Rik Joosten, Chief Executive Officer of Egis Projects. "As Operator, we will also ensure that tourist user access to the scheme is optimised. Krakow hosts almost 10 000 000 tourists every year."