seminar on building the Sustainable City


The construction of the sustainable city is one of the strategic axes of the Vision 2025 Project Group. Two workshops were held to co-construct the approach with our clients.

The two workshops of the seminar brought together all Egis BUs around this essential theme and were co-animated by Olivier Ledru, Head of Sustainable City Innovation and Fanny Guyot, Project Manager of the Cities business line.

The last workshop was an opportunity to invite clients to work together on five value propositions:

  • low-carbon strategy for a neighborhood;
  • social, economic and ecological value creation for the Fertile City site;
  • happy city and evaluation of comfort felt - sensorial streetview - ambiences and uses;
  • development of ecotourism zones;
  • urban flows and circularity: water services and cycle, heating networks, waste, food flows.

Alejandro Alvares, innovation project manager and Jean-Baptiste Rey, deputy Managing Director of EpaMarne, François Noisette, Kalutere Polis' President and Coralie Marti, director in charge of international operations at Horwath HTL's were present.

Isabelle Bourguet, chief strategy, marketing and communication officer, and François Bienvenue, executive director of the Urban development, Road, Mobilities BU, also spoke, respectively to define the sustainable city at Egis and to conclude the day.