World Stadium Congress 2020: Covid and sport


In this particular year, there is no need to repeat that the sports and events sector is undergoing profound upheavals. Nevertheless, the World Stadium Congress was held this summer in digital format. Diogo Taddei, Director of Sport and Events, gave the opening speech.

The stakes of the congress

For Diogo, speaking on video-conference about this event was like "holding a game behind closed doors".

He thus came back to the main consequences of Covid on the sports and event world: cancellation of the Tokyo Olympics, postponement of the NBA, the League 1, the Euro 2020 or the Formula 1 Grand Prix... Many people have suffered from this pandemic. The consequences on the sports and events calendar are comparable to those caused by the Second World War!

Nevertheless, the sector has been able to bounce back and has also been the scene of innovations of all kinds:

Stadiums have proven their versatility! By hosting a military hospital as in Brazil, or students in Denmark, so that they can follow the school while maintaining a physical distance. Proof that there are many opportunities for stadium conversion!

Some matches were held behind closed doors, and the magic of digital technology allowed us to hear on television the fervor of fans absent from the stands. The latter were broadcast live from their living room!

The first augmented reality game will soon be born! With a mask or RV glasses over your eyes, your couch becomes an ideal seat in the stands of a stadium (or in the middle of the field!), allowing you to follow your favorite game at 360°.

The return to normal will take time, but in the meantime, for sportsmen and supporters to live, many solutions are emerging, which are all opportunities to develop sports and events at the end of the crisis.

Diogo Taddei's opening speech


The World Stadium Congress

The congress is organized by world leaders in stadium and arena development. It is a three-part series that explores the different strategies that venue owners and operators need to consider as they move forward in the face of the pandemic.

Participants learn about new strategies and solutions that industry leaders are implementing in the construction of their stadiums and arenas. They learn how to bring your venue into the next wave of innovation.

As the epidemic has sparked new discussions on hygiene protocols, especially in large venues, participants will explore the different methods that stadium owners and architects can implement to meet customer expectations and make fans feel safe in their venues.

18 speakers from around the world will share their expertise and experience. They are managers in stadiums or sports structures, or work on the digitalization of events.

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