The A4 motorway from Wroclaw to Katowice, Poland

Maintenance of fixed operational equipment and tolling systems contracts.

European Union
Duration: 43 months ( fixed equipment) , 41 months ( tolling system)
Client: Road Management Poland (GDDKiA)

Project overview

Egis is in charge of the maintenance of fixed operating equipment (telecommunication and traffic management systems) and tolling system on the A4 motorway Wroclaw–Katowice in Poland.

The 162 km motorway between Wroclaw and Katowice is part of the transeuropean network ( Corridor Dresde – Wroclaw-Cracovie-Lviv).This motorway section , which was formerly free, has been upgraded to meet the standards of toll motorways.

It includes the following equipment, which is designed, installed and maintained by the EGSTRA (Egis and Strabag) consortium :

  • 68 toll lanes on 13 toll plazas monitored by one operation center,
  • 80 pairs of Emergency Roadside Telephone located along the 162 km of the motorway and managed by GDDKiA.

Our missions

After designing and installing the equipment, Egis was tasked for 3 years of the maintenance of all the fixed operating equipment.

Since 2015, Egis has been in charge of 2 distinct contracts:

  • Until December 31, 2018 ( 43 months) :  maintenance of fixed operating equipment (telecommunication and traffic management systems) for the Opole branch of GDDKiA
  • Until November 2nd, 2018 (41 months) : maintenance of the tolling system for the Warsaw branch of GDDKiA