Artem, a new higher education institution in Nancy (France)

Art, technology and management will come together on this future university campus

ARTEM is an acronym for art, technology and management, the three disciplines taught on this new campus. Located in the military district of Blandan, it brings together, the Ecole Nationale des Mines, the Ecole des langues and the Institut Jean Lamour. It will welcome over 3,500 students in 2014.

Date : 2007/2014
Duration: 7 years
Contractor: Communauté Urbaine du Grand Nancy et Région Lorraine – Maître d’ouvrage délégué : SOLOREM
Architect: ANMA, Nicolas Michelin

Project overview

Each school is represented on the arcade-street by a «maison-signe», which houses the lobby, reception and administrative and technical offices. The schools’common areas intermingle with shops and activities open to the public.

The arcade is a large structure in folded steel combining contemporary and innovative environmental technologies: hygrothermal control of the interior air and groundcoupled heat exchangers.

Our missions

Egis is providing project management for technical lots, the study and design of the building and external structure of the public arcade as well as the environmental design of the project.

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