This project relies on a group of different players, competitive clusters, research centres, and businesses in France contributing to the different aspects of creating a sustainable city. In February 2014, it won the call to projects put out by the French Ministry of Foreign Trade, the Direction Générale du Trésor (French treasury, or DGT), and the Astana city hall.


Project overview

This initiative features an urban demonstrator which uses a complete digital model of Astana to propose 350 French technological, industrial, and engineering solutions on all aspects of creating a sustainable city. The purpose of this urban design tool is to assist the different players united under the umbrella brand name Vivapolis, whose mission is to promote sustainable urban development internationally.

Our missions

Astainable® is implementing sustainable transport solutions in order to provide a multi-modal transport system for all of Astana by 2030. In terms of urban ecosystems, the goals of the project are to preserve resources by means of integrated management of the large water cycle, to promote the services that nature provides, to reintroduce local agricultural production into the city, and to recycle and recover collected waste. In the energy sector, the overarching goal is to have up to 30% renewable energy in the energy mix. Finally, efforts will be made to improve the existing building stock through renovation and the construction of new buildings with very high energy performance.