Biomasse Métropole

A new biomass boiler in Ile-de-France

Construction of a new biomass heating system in Ile-de-France.
Date : 2011 (delivery)
Duration: 6 months
Client: Compagnie Parisienne de Chauffage Urbain - CPCU
Funding: private funding
Construction duration: 3 years
Start of operation: 2015

Project overview

CPCU's heat network currently distributes more than 8 million tonnes of steam per year to 5400 customers.

The current energy mix of CPCU's steam production has a renewable energy utilisation rate of around 40%, and the CPCU wants to achieve a renewable energy utilisation rate of 50% minimum. A plan to build a new biomass boiler was therefore brought to the table.

Our missions

Egis analysed the merits of the "Biomasse Métropole" project in terms of its energy and economic aspects and identified any possible alternatives. In the second phase, the Egis teams selected and optimised the proposed solution by developing different aspects (technical, energy, supply, environmental benefits, economic & financial assessment, sensitivity to sources of supply, etc.).

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