Brazzaville Maya Maya international airport – Pointe Noire Augusto Agostinho Neto – Ollombo – CONGO

25-year concession and construction of new terminals

April 2011 saw Egis awarded the management of Congo's airports, namely Brazzaville, Pointe Noire and Ollombo (opened in March 2013). Backed by its experience in project financing, engineering and operations, Egis swiftly brought to bear the skills and resources needed to fulfil the client's requirements.

Republic of Congo
Brazzaville, Pointe Noire, Ollombo
Date : 2010
Duration: 25 years
Client: République du Congo
Concession company: AERCO
Concession contract: 25 years
Start of operation: 01.04.2011

Project overview

The first challenge of this project was the organisation and operation of the airport and the recruitment of staff with the capacity to quickly upgrade the airport and its services to international standards. From the very first months of the contract, the airport at Brazzaville started up operations in a new terminal (25,000 sq. m, 2 million passengers capacity). With the roll-out of ORAT (Operation Readiness and Airport Transfer), teams were transferred, trained and integrated in the new infrastructures without any disruption to air traffic and maintaining a consistent service quality for customers. The second part of the terminal is due for delivery in 2013 and will increase the area to 45 000 sq. m (doubling passenger capacity to 4 million).

The current terminal at Pointe Noire was renovated to improve the quality of service to passengers. A new 20,000 sq. m terminal with a passenger capacity of 2 million will be inaugurated in 2015.

Opened in 2013, the new Ollombo airport is in the resource- and mineral-rich north of the Congo, which up to now had been under-served.

Our missions

As an operator partner, Egis supports the concessionaire to operate and develop the airport, providing its expertise in the key areas of airport operations, aviation and ancillary areas. The Group has put senior managers in place with a track record in airport management tasked with delivering efficient management while ensuring safety and quality of service.

A number of other short-term structurally strategic projects are also under way, including the construction of security fences, the reorganisation and modernisation of freight areas, strengthening of utilities networks, and maintenance of the manoeuvring area - especially the runway.

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