Drinking water project in Yangon

Egis is in charge of the rehabilitation of the city drinking water network in Yangon, Myanmar.

Date : May 2014
Client: Yangon City Development Committee
Funding: French FASEP fund

Project overview

The city of Yangon, the country’s economic capital, has a population of over 6 million and is experiencing urban development which has intensified further since 2011.However, the existing infrastructure mainly dates back to the 1930s and requires renovation.

The Yangon municipal authorities (Yangon City Development Committee, YCDC) expressed its wish to rehabilitate and upgrade this infrastructure, in particular in the area of  drinking water.  It is estimated that more than 50% of the water pumped into the city is wasted  due  to leaks in the  supply system.


Our missions

Egis proposed a feasibility study for the rehabilitation of Yangon’s drinking water network in a pilot zone comprising three priority districts and supplying 800,000 inhabitants: Thingangyun, Tarmwe and Thaketa. This project  obtained the support of the French Finance Ministry, thereby becoming the first project in Myanmar to receive funding from the French FASEP fund.

 The results of this study in Yangon are to serve as the starting point for the development of network rehabilitation across the entire city, which the French Development Agency plans to finance during 2015.

This project is Egis’ fifth in Myanmar since 2013 and coincides with the opening of a local subsidiary, “Egis Myanmar”.