Environmental review of Djeno terminal, Congo

Part of Congo's oil production passes through the Djéno oil terminal. In accordance with its environmental monitoring plan, Total E&P CONGO instigated an environmental review of the terminal.

Date : 2012
Duration: 6 month
Client: Total E&P Congo

Project overview

The study site is an oil terminal operated by TOTAL E&P CONGO since 1972. The site has facilities for processing of crude oil and liquid effluents, crude oil storage tanks (RB and RBT).

Total E&P CONGO wanted to carry out an environmental review of the terminal, in accordance with its environmental monitoring plan. The plan was introduced after an environmental impact assessment by the firm ATOS Environnement in 2002, after around 30 years of operation.

The Djéno oil terminal is located 15 km to the south of Pointe-Noire, close to the village of Djéno.

Our missions

Egis provided the following sampling and analyses:

  • Groundwater from wells in the Djéno oil terminal, to monitor quality;
  • Surface waters (freshwater and seawater);
  • Ambient air quality both in the terminal and in the village of Djéno;
  • Assessment of impact of emissions to the atmosphere, by analysis of plants cultivated by the population of Djéno

Egis also conducted a study of the impact of the terminal on the landscape, in terms of its visibility and integration, a study of the noise impacts of the terminal's facilities on the surrounding populations, and a study of impacts on the flora and fauna.