Factory for treatment of dangerous industrial waste products in Kazakhstan

Egis has undertaken feasibility studies for the establishment of a multi sector centre for the treatment of dangerous industrial waste in Pavlodar, Kazakhstan.

Date : March 2014
Client: Kazakhstan Minister for the Environment
Start of works : 2017

Project overview

With the proliferation of dangerous pollutants in Kazakhstan, an extensive programme of elimination of persistent organic pollutants (POPs), financed by the World Bank, was launched in response to the Stockholm Convention, and ratified by Kazakhstan in 2007. In March 2014, the Kazakhstan Minister for the Environment, awarded Egis, in partnership with the Engineering firm kazakh Consult Ltd LLC, feasibility studies for a multi sector treatment of POPs.

The centre, for which construction will begin in 2017, will be situated on a 50 hectare site north of Pavlodar, an industrial city situated 450 km east of Astana, the capital.

Our missions

Egis has undertaken preliminary feasibility and design studies for the centre, which includes notably an incineration unit with a capacity of 30 000 tonnes/year, an installation for dismantling transformers containing PCB, an inertage unit (chemical stabilisation of waste by coating), in addition to all linked buildings and infrastructure.