Faubourg Malepère in Toulouse

This new 113-hectare district, which is due to come into being in the next few years, is supported by Oppidéa (SEM d'aménagement de Toulouse Métropole).

Date : 2018-2025
Client: Oppidéa (SEM d'aménagement de Toulouse Métropole)

Project overview

Malepère is a suburb of Toulouse which developed along two axes at the south-eastern entrance to Toulouse: the road to Revel bordering Saint-Orens and the road to Labège bordering Labège.  Due to its disordered urbanisation, the Malepère district today presents the face of a very heterogeneous city entrance, mixing natural areas, agricultural wastelands, scattered housing and spread out activity zones.

Toulouse Métropole wishes to continue the urbanization of this suburb in order to create a real life in this Toulouse district. The south-east of Toulouse is indeed very attractive, close to major business and research centers and the demand for housing is strong.

Our missions

Since 2018, Egis have been involved in project management for the development of the public spaces in this ZAC, which provides for the creation of 6,700 housing units, local shops and activities, public facilities, etc.

At the same time as the awarding of a global reliminary project studies for the entire ZAC, the construction of certain priority sectors to accompany the first construction operations has been launched. Thus, the Georges Mailhos school complex in the district was put into service. It is served by a new street, Rue Claire Roman, which has just been opened in its final profile. This project will be followed by the creation of numerous new access roads, the creation of a central square, as well as the development and enhancement of the Bois de l'Hers and the Parc de la Marcaissonne.

The management of the operation is marked by strong constraints: 

  • the district remains inhabited during the works,
  • the land is partially under control,
  • the development of the neighbourhood is spread over a period of about 20 years,
  • coordination with the various worksites of the promoters or managed by Toulouse Métropole on the main routes,
  • the development of the district heating network is carried out in conjunction with work on public spaces,
  • the work is partly carried out by the dealers.