French nuclear facilities

Participation in the design of 58 units

Over forty years' experience alongside EDF in the structural design of nuclear power plants in France.
Date : Since 1970
Client: EDF
Contractor: EDF
Funding: Public

Project overview

Since 1970, Egis has been EDF's partner for engineering studies of nuclear power plants, and more specifically PWRs (pressurized water reactors).  Egis contributed to the design of all French nuclear power plants (except the Super Phoenix reactor).

France has 58 nuclear reactors, across the following 19 sites: Fessenheim (2 units of 900 MW), Bugey (4 units of 900 MW), Tricastin (4 units of 400MW), Gravelines (6 units of 900 MW), Cruas (4 units of 900 MW), Blayais (4 units of 900 MW), Chinon (4 units of 900 MW), Saint-Laurent (2 units of 900 MW), Paluel (4 units of 1300 MW), Saint-Alban (2 units of 1300 MW), Cattenom (4 units of 1300 MW), Nogent/Seine (2 units of 1300 MW), Golfech (2 units of 1300 MW), Penly (2 units of 1300 MW), Belleville (2 units of 1300 MW), Chooz (2 units of 1450 MW ), Civaux (2 units of 1450 MW), Flamanville (2 units of 1300 MW and one 1700 MW EPR).

Our missions

 Egis carried out civil engineering studies (design, implementation and works supervision) for the following plant structures:

  • Fessenheim and Bugey plants: buildings on the "nuclear island", the "conventional island" and BOP work (including pumping stations for Bugey) 
  • Tricastin, Gravelines, Cruas, Blayais, Chinon, Saint Laurent plants (Designs CP1 & CP2): internal structures of the reactor building, electrical buildings, diesel generator buildings and auxiliary buildings, 
  • Paluel, Saint Alban, Flamanville 1&2, Cattenom, Nogent sur Seine, Golfech, Penly, Belleville plants (Designs P4 et P’4) : internal structures of the reactor building, fuel building, nuclear and diesel auxiliary buildings 
  • Chooz, Civaux plants (Design N4): fuel and nuclear auxiliary buildings, 
  • Flamanville 3 EPR plant: fuel building, divisions 2 & 3 auxiliary backup buildings, common apron, reactor shell, diesel generator buildings and access tower.

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