Governance and Regional Planning Strategy in the Kingdom of Bahrain

Egis advises the Kingdom of Bahrain on governance structure and strategy with respect to the development of its territories.

Date : 2016-2018
Duration: 2 years
Client: Kingdom’s Minister for Infrastructure, Municipalities and Urbanism

Project overview

Egis, in partnership with Arep and Setec, as part of an association directed by Expertise France, has been awarded a two year mission in Bahrain, the objective being to assist the Kingdom’s Minister for Infrastructure, Municipalities and Urbanism in organizing resources and governance tools and providing support in the definition and implementation of urban policy and regional planning.

This contract was signed on 21 January 2016 in Manama and concretely defines the strategic partnership between France and Bahrain – the Bahrain French Town Planning Initiative – which had already been discussed in 2014 at the highest political and governmental level.

Our missions

The services rolled out to the Direction Générale de la Planification Urbaine (General Directorate for Urban Planning, or DGPU) were designed based on three objectives:

  • They aim to reorganise and increase the competency of the DGPU so that it is able to play its role as the leading entity responsible for defining and implementing urban policy and regional planning in the Kingdom;
  • The consortium assists the client in deploying the tools and measures necessary to the proper set-up of its regional planning strategy.
  • The team supports a concrete pilot project by drafting the comprehensive plan for the coastal area of Manama-Muharraq.

The specific missions entrusted to Egis focus on capacity-building for the DGPU as well as advice on project financing and structuring.

The first step is to audit the institution and formulate recommendations regarding its governance, organisation, human resources, operating processes, and tools for regional observation. The second step is to identify the sectors and projects which have potential, formulate recommendations regarding the financial and contractual structuring, and provide the tools and management methods for budgets and projects.

The assistance provided for the organisational reinforcement and competency improvement of the DGPU includes the definition and implementation of a suitable training programme which is in line with the suggested organisational changes and in which Egis participates fully.

The Egis team, part of which will reside in Manama, will be very involved locally for the next two years. This new contract allows Egis to reinforce its presence on the “island of pearls” and opens up more development opportunities for all Egis Group activities.