A high-surveillance motorway link

Sofico (Company for additional financing for infrastructures) is renewing its contract for the surveillance and traffic management of the E25/E40 in Liège (Belgium). A contract won by Egis, who sees its engagement extended into Wallonia.

Wallonia - Liège
Date : 2013 - 2016
Duration: 3 years
Contractor: Company for additional financing for infrastructures (Sofico)

Project overview

Every day, more than 73,000 vehicles use the link between the E25 Amsterdam-Turin and the E40-Calais-Kiev relieving Liege town centre of transit traffic. With a 70% increase in its daily traffic since the year 2000, the smallest incident can cause traffic problems across the whole city. Traffic is therefore under 24h/24h surveillance in order to observe and detect accidents. This implies the implementation of a made to measure strategy, according to scenarios predefined by Sofico, in order to better adapt the traffic flow in the case of an accident.

Our missions

Egis has been involved in its surveillance and the management of its traffic since it opened. The contract, assigned by a European invitation to tender renewed every three years, was drawn up again last September, confirming the assignments of Egis in relation to the E25/E40 link until 2016. Egis is committed  to deploying the equipment required for ensuring the safety of the site and the users, and providing the coordination and the dissemination of information to all stakeholders while adhering to a made to measure strategy.

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