Hold Baggage Screening machines in terminal 5 at Ryiadh Airport, Saudi Arabia

Egis is working with Riyadh Airports Company (RAC) for design and project management consultancy services to replace Hold Baggage Screening (HBS) machines in terminal 5 at King Khaled International Airport, Saudi Arabia.

Saudia Arabia
Date : January 2019 - ongoing
Client: Ryiadh Airports Company (RAC)

Project overview

Projacs/Egis has completed the design stage and has supported RAC engineering in producing all required documents for this project such as tender specifications, request for proposals, method statements, etc. to replace the existing screening machines with new systems.

During the course of the project, Egis ensures that the design and installation works do not interrupt or have the lowest possible impact on daily operations of Terminal 5. T5 will remain operational during HBS machines replacement and our consultants and our engineers closely coordinate with customer, stakeholders and all contractors to make sure operations run smoothly until final commissioning, hence meeting the safety, security and environment requirements.

Our missions

Tasks carried out by Egis during the design phase covered data collection, understanding of RAC requirements, coordination with stakeholders, mechanical, electrical and civil engineering, HBS modifications and structural strengthening, with method statement and drawings now completed.

Riyadh Airport Company is now close to float the tender to start with the construction.

Egis will then be in charge of works supervision, including testing and commissioning and operational readiness and airport transfer (ORAT).