Industrial wastewater treatment for Total

Total selected Egis for the treatment of industrial wastewater from its refinery in Provence

The wastewater treatment system at Total's Provence refinery no longer met regulatory requirements after 30 years of service. Egis was selected to refurbish the system.

Lavera, Provence-Alpes-Côte-D'azur
Date : 2003/2009
Duration: 6 years
Client: Total - Total refinery in Provence

Project overview

The project comprised transport for treatment of wastewater from the storage pond located 10 kms from the refinery, biological treatment, and cooling of desalting effluent.

An activated sludge tank (5,000 cubic metres, 30.5 m in diameter and five 55 KW turbines) and two settling tanks were built as part of the works.

Our missions

Egis was responsible for the design and proportioning of the facilities, incorporating all the specific characteristics of the effluent, as part of this industrial Engineering, Procurement and Construction mission. It also provided assistance to ramp up biological treatment and train operators.

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