Jefaira seafront Masterplan, Egypt

Client: Inertia Properties
Gross Floor Area: 1,309,553 sqm (Total)
Site Area: 5,500,000 sqm
Status: Design Completion 2017

Project overview

10 DESIGN is the Masterplanner for the Jefaira development, overlooking the enchanting shores of the Mediterranean on the Egyptian North Coast. The site of 550 hectares stretches 3 km along the seafront with natural beaches and cliffs forming a unique topography.

Our design vision for the project is to create a truly sustainable development, a wide range of public amenity areas are provided with strong interconnections; these amenities are clearly defined and organized around outdoor spaces which are activated by programs and functions.

Our missions

The Masterplan contains 10,000 to 12,000 residential units, supported by a comprehensive and diverse range of community facilities including schools and colleges, a sports academy, swimming pools, and a health and wellness centre.

Extensive tourism facilities are provided including marinas with promenade cafes, restaurants, retail spaces, hotels, and a convention centre.

Credit: 10 DESIGN